James Kennedy
Licensed Massage Therapist

As a young kid I was lucky to have; a caring military mom. She took the time to show me the importance of “touch therapy”. Her examples included a nightly back massage, to help me get to sleep. She had a constant compassion for people’s health, emotional stresses. Also, an unwavering compassion for others faults and not allowing them to affect her or your positive energy. Over time I began giving back to my amazing mom by massaging her cold feet at night.
My life experience has made me who I am today a warm, personable and professional individual. My parents and God taught me to give abundantly my gifts with passion.
My massage mantra has evolved from; hoping to help family and friends, to wanting to help anyone who needs it. Affordable Spa is the best fit for me as I too believe in making massage care that everyone NEEDS affordable and accessible to all! My own previous health problems such as hereditary problems, structural and postural disorders, and accident related injuries have greatly been relieved by frequent massage therapy care at the hands of skilled, licensed, and insured massage therapists. When I am not working I enjoy volunteering my time to help the public. Some examples of my volunteer work are: Chair massage at U.S. Navy Health Fairs, Jazzercize health fairs, and corporate events.
The techniques I have learned in over 20 years in the field of massage therapy help me in assessing a person’s pain, and coming up with an effective action plan to treat and start to achieve wellness together. I specialize in Sports Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, and Deep Muscle Therapy. Although I can provide an amazing, relaxing Swedish Massage, I would much rather prefer to assist with pain management more so then relaxation.
25 years or so ago a good friend told me “your intuitive flow and the unmistakable radiant heat of your hands is what makes you unique as a therapist, stick with this”.  Massage therapy has helped me in every aspect of my life, specifically with recognizing and holistically treating my own deficits in my body when something feels “off”. A car accident and experiencing my own pain because of that, taught me a very specific kind of compassion for my clients, that only some who lived through that would know. I see you. I am here. Let me help you.
My experience began at The Advanced Fuller School of Massage in Virginia Beach, VA. in 1996! I later took several hours of continuing Education at The Richmond Academy of Massage in Richmond, VA in the late 90’s. Due to injuries from my car accident and the deaths of my parents I took a break from massage therapy, so last year I began the process of re-certifying at Fortis college in Richmond, VA. I started from the beginning as I wanted to combine all the modern techniques and incorporate them with my experienced flow. I completed their 720 hour course with honors and passed my state licensing exam well above average. I shared this deeply personal bio with you, because I want you to trust that my life experience is what makes me YOUR massage therapist! See you in the treatment room!