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Courtney Foxe
Licensed & Insured Massage Therapist

Hello, I’m Courtney Foxe. I believe that the health of the community stems from the wellbeing of the individual. When I discovered Massage as a career choice it allowed me to combine my passion forloving people & the fulfillment I feel for helping others in a holistic way. I graduated from the massage therapy program at Northern Virginia Community College in 2014. Since then my passion for homeopathic and Ayurveda practices has only multiplied. I enjoy doing yoga, hoop dancing, reading, cooking, hiking, writing, and painting in my down time. Living a life of health and wellness, from being almost 10 years vegetarian or spending numerous afternoons atop the high peaks of a mountain, has allowed me to cultivate a deeply rooted love for preserving and maintaining a simple, homeopathic lifestyle. Guiding others to these practices in a way that they can not only feel but understand through massage and energy work is my passion. Although I’m just starting out I’m proficient in several modalities including but not limited to: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Chakra & Energy work, Sports Massage, AIS & PNF stretching, Trigger point, Aromatherapy, and Prenatal techniques. I’m so excited to continue to add to my skill set as a therapist and pour love and healing into the world through restorative techniques that engage body, mind, and spirit.