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Prenatal Massage

This massage is for pregnant women who are past their first trimester. Prenatal massage is performed with the client in a side lying position for comfort and safety. Women who receive regular massage therapy care throughout their pregnancy can get relief from low back pain, sleeplessness, water retention, discomfort from overstretched ligaments, high blood pressure, stress, and hormonal changes.
$85/ 60 mins. ($45 for members)
$30 for each additional 30 mins

Prenatal Thai Massage

Same as regular Thai massage except performed in a side lying position for pregnant women who are out of the first trimester. During a Thai Massage session the therapist utilizes their palms, elbows, and feet to press the muscles, stimulate sen (energy pathways) points, and gently place the client in yoga like poses. Although Thai Massage requires very active movements from the therapist, it is very soothing and relaxing for the client, as the client simply allows the therapist to do the work without “helping”. Thai Massage has been used to help with many ailments, and feels amazing. As the Owner I can honestly say this is my favorite type of massage since I began doing Massage 8 years ago. If it is not on your bucket list yet, this is something everyone should try.
$130/ 90 mins. (member price $85)
$30 for each additional 30 mins.

Mommy and Me Massage

Looking for something to do with your new baby? Why not get a massage together?

My second child Evangeline was born 6/5/14, and afterwards it seemed like I cleaned house all day and was breastfeeding or cuddling her all night long. With the lack of sleep and still having to take care of my 3 year old son (and still running this company), I really needed a massage. I figured I would just have a staff member come to my house and give me a massage since I could always give my son his leap pad for an hour and my daughter mostly slept all day anyway. Well not the day I decided to get a massage that day all she wanted to do was fuss! So I had the therapist hand me my daughter and I got in a side lying position (like when you get a prenatal massage) and nursed her while I got my massage. Once she was finished filling her belly I lay on my back and she slept on my chest. With these positions I was still able to receive an effective full body therapeutic massage. And I even took a little nap on the table. This turned out to be a beautiful bonding experience for me and my daughter and I got my much needed relief from back pain (from the epidural), leg cramps (from retaining fluid), and just general leftover aches from the pregnancy itself.

I thought other mommies would love this!!! The cost of a massage while on maternity leave doesn’t seem that bad if you don’t have to pay for child care too…….

We can customize these sessions however you prefer, as long as your child can be comforted by nursing or your touch (as we cannot disturb other guests at the spa with loud crying).  These sessions are offered at our location or in your home (within a 15 mile radius of spa).  Some different options I have come up with are:

1-      We can spend part of your time massaging you, and part of the time teaching you how to massage your infant. (Can be beneficial for colic, constipation,  sleeplessness, or just help soothing the baby after their rough journey through the birth canal)

2-      You can receive your session as I described my experience above

3-      Or the therapist can massage you part of the time and massage your infant for the other portion

Or if you have a specific request we can probably accommodate.

30 minutes $50 ($35 for members)

60 minutes $85 ($45 for members)

90 minutes $115 ($65 for members)

There is a $30 up charge to come to your home.